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Frederick Lantern

In the series the Broadduses have been reimagined, in the series multiple things were differed from reality, in the film known as Nora and Dean Brannock, the real family is Maria and Derek Broaddus, when the family was introduced in the film along with 657 Boulevard they only had two kids, which in reality the actual Broadduses had three.

The Watcher is a Must Watch

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Staff Writer November 7, 2022

An American mystery — The Watcher, following the true story of Maria Broaddus, a mother and artist who endured a harrowing episode of being stalked by an unknown person. The series takes some liberties...

Actress Caitlin Stasey embodies the creepy grin of the title villain in Smile. Despite a basic sounding premise--a killer smile is on the loose--the film has ruled the box office and has positive reviews. Ultimately, it has some effective scares but is bogged down by a complicated and unsatisfying ending.

Smile from Fear to Fear

Joselyn Carrillo, Staff Writer October 31, 2022

On September 30, writer and director Parker Finn released an American horror story titled Smile. While most horror movies have a frowning slasher or grimacing monster, Smile is exactly what the title implies. The...

Laurie Strode in the hands of Micheal Myers in the new film “Halloween Ends.” This new “Halloween” movie has been receiving lots of low reviews and ratings due to the lack of Micheal Myers being in the film. Krystal Tschida quotes, “The movie wasn’t really as scary as the other “Halloween” films, it has less off a plot line which made the movie meh,  it reminded me of the movie “IT.”

Halloween Ends, But Not Well

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Staff Writer October 21, 2022

By now everyone knows who Micheal Myers is and how he brutally slaughters innocent human beings, but in the latest release it all comes to an end. Now streaming in theaters and on Peacock only, Halloween...

Sanderson sisters flying on modern day cleaning products instead of basic brooms to bring in the modern aspect.

Hocus Pocus 2 Cast a Spell on Viewers

Paxtyn Mangus, Staff Writer October 1, 2022

On September 30, 2022, Walt Disney Pictures released what fans have been waiting for, Hocus Pocus 2. Made 29 years after the first Hocus Pocus, this movie has a very controversial rating. Released only...

OJ(Daniel Kaluuya) riding his horse down a trail of inflatable tube men, distracting the creature that remains above.

Put Nope in Your Maybe Pile

Cameran Martinez, Staff writer September 28, 2022

Jordan Peele's Nope, which was released on July 22 and has since passed over $100 million at the domestic box office, is now available to buy on Amazon, iTunes, and... you know, actual stores. Like his...

The Invitation and the reviews has been put the film out to be “a bad horror film in a unique way”. The critical response on the website rotten tomato’s reveals 27% of 51 reviews are positive.

You’re Invited to a Very Meh Film

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Staff Writer September 20, 2022

Sony Pictures released their latest horror offering The Invitation on August 26. While the film has grossed over $26 million worldwide and has been a moderate success for Sony, it’s also been receiving...

A Devilishly Good Show

A Devilishly Good Show

Nevaeh Espinoza, Staff writer September 20, 2022

Disney is known for their kid-friendly, family-oriented cartoons, from their animated features to series starring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Winnie the Pooh. This has changed, however, with Disney's...

Movie Poster of DC League of Super-Pets

The Super Truth About DC League of Super-Pets

Lane Albrecht, Staff Writer September 12, 2022

Warner Bros. Pictures newest animated film release, DC League of Super-Pets has been very popular as of recent. It was released July 29, 2022 and since has been released on a few streaming platforms as...

What you need to know about “Stranger Things 4”

What you need to know about “Stranger Things 4”

Joselyn Carrillo, Staff Writer September 8, 2022

Have you ever felt like you're living a normal life and all of a sudden your world turns upside down? Well the T.V. show Stranger Things does just that. Originally aired on July 15, 2016. This T.V....

Is Thor love and thunder

Krystal Tschida, Staff writer September 3, 2022
Credits to Disney
Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell soars over the mountains in an inverted turn. This and many other stunts for the 2022 film Top Gun: Maverick were performed by star Tom Cruise, who returns to the role after nearly 30 years. Cruise’s charisma and death defying stunts have helped Top Gun: Maverick pass a billion dollars at the box office this summer.

Top Gun: Maverick Still Soaring High

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais and Conner Pickett August 30, 2022

Most mainstream films are shown in theaters during a four-week time period after the release date and in some cases only two weeks. Top Gun: Maverick was released on May 27th, but is still playing in theaters...

Uncharted movie

Uncharted movie

Lyse Prentout, Author August 28, 2022

Uncharted movie reviews More than just a video game  The film adaptation of the famous video game: Uncharted released in 2007 on PlayStation featuring the famous adventures across the world of Nathan...

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