HBO MAX’S New ‘the little things’ Is Unique And Thrilling

HBO Max’s newest film will have you on the edge of your seat for movie night.



‘the little things’ on HBO MAX is a movie that will keep you on your toes and on the edge of your seat the whole way through.

Kaya Paluda, Staff Writer

On January 29th the little things hit HBO MAX and movie theaters. With three huge actors being the main characters (Jared Leto, Denzel Washington, and Rami Malek) this movie has an interesting outcome. From reviews everywhere, people are all in the mix of figuring out whether it is a good one or a bad one. Some are saying that the little things were the worst movie that they’ve seen the three movie stars in while others are saying that it was one of the best movies they’ve seen the three stars in. One thing’s for sure though. This movie is intriguing and different from the typical murder and investigation movie where the killer is found almost right away. The little things really the title doesn’t lie this movie shows all the “little things” in life and just in the case in general. 

The little things film starts out with a girl driving and listening to music and just having a fun time. Until she notices that she is being followed by someone, she loses the person and is in relief just to see headlights once again behind her. She unfortunately is in the middle of nowhere so she tries to find any help she possibly can. Unfortunately for the girl, she finds herself at a gas station that happens to be closed with her follower continuing to follow and get closer. 

The film then transfers over to a  scene where Deke (Washington) who is the county sheriff is at work and is told he needs to go to Los Angeles to look for something that is needed for a case. When Deke arrives in LA it seems that he has had some hard history at the police station since his time of being a big-time investigator there. To make things better for Deke there has been a series of murders within the LA area but no suspected murder making a new job for Deke even more complicated.

Deke ends up getting what he needs but is asked to look over one of the murder scenes with the new big shot investigator, Sgt. Jim Baxter (Malek). Baxter knows about Deke’s history and how big he was in the past so he asked for some pointers in hopes of possibly getting closer to finding the killer. However, after some time passes the team begins to work together (unofficially) and begins to get closer and closer thanks to Deke’s help. 

The team ends up finding a suspect: Albert Sparma (Leto) but are not 100% sure if he could be the killer or not. As they track Sparma, Baxter is unaware that the investigation is bringing up echoes of Deke’s past uncovering secrets that could threaten more than his case. From there the movie is full of surprises and unexpected gestures. 

The little things definitely is a different movie and one that you don’t normally see. It was unique and very focused and gave a message that you should look at the little details in life because sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact. 

Overall I would be able to say that this film is incredibly interesting and unique. The first third of the movie is intriguing and I think that part of the film is what gets people to not like it so much anymore. The storyline and plot are different and unexpected, and thrilling. I would recommend this movie for sure and if you’re interested in watching a suspenseful and very unique movie then the little things are the movie for you.