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Frederick Lantern

  • September 4No School this Monday, September 5
  • September 4Late Start this Wednesday, September 7
The Student News Site of Frederick High School

Frederick Lantern

The Student News Site of Frederick High School

Frederick Lantern

“I dont celebrate Cinco De Mayo because I feel like its not important to me and my family. As a family we don’t really celebrate it because it doesnt root from Mexico, but from the United States wanting to be culturally aceepting.” Said (Sophmore) Maria Diaz

The Unimportance of Cinco de Mayo

Julissa Solorzano, Social Media Manager May 5, 2022

When we think of Cinco de Mayo we automatically think of México, but what about México “It’s Mexico’s Independence Day” said (Sophmore) Alexis Otterbein. Many times other countries try to be...

This year students are noticing more and more that teachers are behind and just overall not grading the assignments that students are turning in. This is resulting in conflict and is making students annoyed with how their grades look because of the lack of work teachers seem to be doing.

Why hasn’t my grade changed?

Alexis Otterbein, Staff Writer April 20, 2022

I had a guitar class, I was failing the class for the whole semester, I always wondered why because everything was submitted and yet nothing had changed until the end of the semester. It later occurred...

“ When we had four-day weeks we were on a hybrid schedule and many teacher-student communications were remote. Students were often expected to work asynchronously. Having that Friday often gave students an opportunity to have more meaningful experiences with, e.g., content and assignments…opposed to attending a class on Webex.” said Mr.Beddia

Free Our Fridays

Julissa Solorzano and Kaya Paluda February 17, 2022

Last year we had four day weeks because of hybrid learning, so there were opportunities for students to receive help during Fridays. It’s time to bring them back. Four-day weeks won't only benefit the...

Tis the Season to be Dumb

‘Tis the Season to be Dumb

Alexis Otterbein, Staff Writer December 2, 2021

As we know Thanksgiving has just ended, and with December starting, you’ll start to find Christmas absolutely everywhere. So much to the point where it even starts to get annoying here and there, such...

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