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The Student News Site of Frederick High School

Frederick Lantern

The Student News Site of Frederick High School

Frederick Lantern

A Romantic Novel by a Romantic Herself

A Romantic Novel by a Romantic Herself

Ryley Anderson, Staff Writer November 6, 2022

The famous thriller, romance, and young adult author Colleen Hoover, come on November 9th. Among tons of other books written by Colleen, November 9th is a novel with many twists and turns. Also, it has...

A Political Thriller by a Political Insider

A Political Thriller by a Political Insider

Mason Faulkner, Staff Writer March 3, 2022

 State of Terror is a political mystery novel that was published October 21 last year and debuted at number 1 on the New York Times bestseller lists for combined print and e-book fiction and hardcover...

Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters of the World; “I bet you could sometimes find the mysteries of the universe in someone’s hand.”

Aristotle and Dante are Worth Another Dive

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Staff Writer February 21, 2022

Benjamin Alire Sáenz multiple award-winning Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe strikes back with an unexpected long-awaited sequel Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters of the...

No One Will Miss Her is such a well written book that instantly traps you in. This book is hard to put down and just keeps you anticipating and waiting for whats going to happen next.

No One Will Miss Her Will Throw You For a Loop

Kaya Paluda, Staff Writer January 25, 2022

The newly released book No One Will Miss Her by Kat Rosenfeild is thrilling with many plot twists and mysteries that are just waiting to be solved. So much suspense building up throughout the whole book....

These Silent Woods by Kimi Cunningham, St. Martins Publishing Group, Paperback, 275

These Silent Woods Will Leave You With Chills

Joshua Bailey, Staff Writer January 22, 2022

Upstart author Kimi Cunningham Grant delivers a riveting, atmospheric, emotional journey in her newest book, These Silent Woods. The book is available online at Amazon and Audible, as well as in stores...

We Walk: Life with Severe Autism by Amy S. F. Lutz, hardcover, 200 pages.

Is Amy S. F. Lutz’s Newest Book Worth the Walk?

Owen Willis, Staff Writer December 4, 2021

We Walk: Life With Severe Autism by Amy S. F. Lutz is her second book and is an autobiography written about Jonah, who is a young man that is living life with Autism. This is a nonfiction book that is...

Rules for Being a Girl by Candace Bushnell and Katie Cotugno (Hardcover, 304 pages)

The Ideal Woman

Lauren Swenson March 27, 2021

     Recently, there have been talks about constraints and rules a woman should put upon herself in today’s generation. With regards to that generalization, feminism has become a great deal with literary...

Recently, the public has been reviewing Dr. Seuss’s books to find some imagery and words that aren’t really appropriate for today’s audiences and standards. The publishers have said that they will fix these images and words to fit better with today’s standards and so the beloved author can still inspire many.

Dr. Seuss Is Canceled

Kylie Rusco March 23, 2021

In the past few months some of the Dr. Seuss books have been under fire for racist images. Cancel culture is something this modern day world struggles with. Dr. Seuss Enterprises says it cancelled the...

The Echo Wife by Sarah Gailey (Hardcover, 256 pages)

The Echo Wife Review

Sarah Hayes, Editor March 22, 2021

The discovery of science has helped humanity grow into smarter, more complex beings. With scientists on the verge of creating once extinct animals from strands of DNA, the possibility of creating lifelike...

Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Cesare (Hardcover, 352 pages)

Not Another ‘It’ Knockoff

Mollie Hervey , Guest Contributor February 9, 2021

Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Cesare is a horror novel released in 2020. This book marks Cesare's first young adult novel. While it is mostly targeted at modern audiences, readers who enjoyed the slasher...

The Queens Assassin by Melissa Del La Cruz (Hardback, 374 pages.)

The Queen’s Assassin Is Royally Fantastic!

Lauren Brown , Guest Contributor February 2, 2021

Award-winning and New York Times bestselling author of over 60 books, Melissa De La Cruz’s newest YA release The Queen’s Assassin tops the charts as a New York Times and Indie bestseller. The book...

The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John (Hardcover, 320 pages)

The Glass Hotel: Shattered? Or Strong?

Josilyn Cholas, Guest Contributor January 26, 2021

EMilyThe Glass Hotel, written by Emily St. John Mandel was a book inspired by the crimes of Bernie Madoff, who ran the largest Ponzi scheme in world history. Mandel was curious about those who worked for...

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