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The Student News Site of Frederick High School

Frederick Lantern

The Student News Site of Frederick High School

Frederick Lantern

The Invitation and the reviews has been put the film out to be “a bad horror film in a unique way”. The critical response on the website rotten tomato’s reveals 27% of 51 reviews are positive.

You’re Invited to a Very Meh Film

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Staff Writer September 20, 2022

Sony Pictures released their latest horror offering The Invitation on August 26. While the film has grossed over $26 million worldwide and has been a moderate success for Sony, it’s also been receiving...

Once known as Frederick Warriors now known as The Frederick Golden Eagles. Frederick High has made many changes over the summer. Including new decor displays, new sports jersey’s, new Frederick merch, and a brand new mascot. Though FHS has yet to name the new mascot, this is Frederick High’s newest member, the Golden Eagle.

The Eagles Have Landed

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais and Krystal Tschida August 31, 2022

With the first full of this school year in the books, Frederick High is now officially Eagle Country. After a stressful eighteen-month process of determining a new school mascot to replace the Warrior,...

Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell soars over the mountains in an inverted turn. This and many other stunts for the 2022 film Top Gun: Maverick were performed by star Tom Cruise, who returns to the role after nearly 30 years. Cruise’s charisma and death defying stunts have helped Top Gun: Maverick pass a billion dollars at the box office this summer.

Top Gun: Maverick Still Soaring High

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais and Conner Pickett August 30, 2022

Most mainstream films are shown in theaters during a four-week time period after the release date and in some cases only two weeks. Top Gun: Maverick was released on May 27th, but is still playing in theaters...

The dangerous difference between 30 milligrams of Heroin equivalent to 3 milligrams of Fentanyl. It only takes a little bit of Fentanyl to begin an overdoes. Spread awareness!

Don’t Fall to Fentanyl

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Staff Writer May 18, 2022

What if I told you there is another epidemic going on which hasn’t received the same notoriety as COVID-19. While there is closer than you think, Fentanyl. This epidemic has been overshadowed by COVID-19...

Don’t underestimate the post credit scene in Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness. Though the post credit scene isn’t as long and in depth it has a huge connection for future Marvel films and is creating a nail biting wait! Go watch Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness, you won’t regret it!

Just How Strange is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Staff Writer May 9, 2022

Marvel Studios' newest release, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has been on the rise in fame ever since Strange's last cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021). Dr. Strange was first introduced...

Brooklyn Weingardt smiles for the camera in her leotard before performing what she loves to do most

BROOKLYN WEINGARDT: Bending like Brooklyn

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Staff Writer April 24, 2022

A gymnast walks out to the beam, taking a breath, feeling the pressure, and hearing the cheering from the crowd. This is what Brooklyn Weingardt has been training for: an opportunity to perform at the...

This long awaited movie had been criticized by many. Although this character is very underrated, this comic portrayal of the character Morbius was fantastic.

Here’s Why Morbius Isn’t All That Bad

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Staff writer April 9, 2022

After gracing the covers of 30+ Marvel comics, Morbius finally receives the stand-alone film he deserves. Yet, despite the endless catalog of character development and background, it appears Sony misfired...

Actor Jennifer Lopez played the main role as Selena in the film. “With a positive attitude, you can be anything you want to be.” Selena Quintanilla Pérez.

Remembering the Queen

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Staff Writer April 6, 2022

As the lights dim, with snacks in one hand and a drink in the other, fans anxiously are waiting in their seats for the film to begin. In honor of the 25th anniversary, the iconic movie Selena will return...

This is Grombo the Clown, who was seen walking around Frederick High on Tuesday to the joy--and sometimes horror--of students. Just why Grombo was at Frederick is a story as strange as the clown himself. We asked Grombo for a quote, but he apparently does not talk.

From Red Nosed to Red Faced

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Staff writer March 16, 2022

Yesterday, many Frederick students noticed something different. It may have been when they were coming out of the bathroom, walking the hall, or eating their lunch but they stopped once they saw it. The...

Frederick Needs Longer Lunches

Frederick Needs Longer Lunches

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Staff writer March 16, 2022

Picture yourself in line at a Qdoba—it's lunchtime, and you’re starving and tired from three hours of school (or more). The line is long, full of other Frederick students just as hungry as you. Finally,...

Sophia Meza smiling for the camera during her Senior Sunday photoshoot in the beautiful outdoors.

SOPHIA MEZA: Dancing with the World as a Partner

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Staff Writer March 13, 2022

In high school, it’s always great to have a support system, an extra push to success, and still have fun while achieving your dreams and goals. You're always expected to live up to a certain expectation...

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