The Squid Games People Play

Netflix’s newest television series Squid Games getting many viewers attention



Netflix Squid Game cover.

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Staff Writer

Netflix’s newest television series Squid Game is getting so many viewers’ attention. Squid Game is a Korean mystery survival drama with plenty of action, thriller, mystery, adventure, and horror. While the tomato-meter ratings are sky rocketing through the roof. This series has nine outrageous episodes, strong acting skills, amazing camera work, and a splendid amount of emotion overall you must watch Squid Game

The creator Hwang Dong-hyuk, directed and wrote Squid Game. Ted Sarandos states Squid Game is on the way to becoming Netflix’s most viewed series ever. Squid Game has dominated charts all over the world, a story about greedy financially desperate contestants voluntarily risking their lives competing in children’s games with only 2 outcomes either $38M in cash or sudden death. 6 games, 6 days, 456 players, and only 1 winner. Red light, Green light. Tug of War. Marbles. Some of the most popular and innocent children’s games in the 1970’s and 1980’s turned into 6 twisted games. 

The series Squid Games is very unexpected. As the games continue the tasks get harder. Friendships build up, trust gets broken, a heartbreak boils the air, more and more rivalries compete. 

I really enjoyed watching Squid Games, it’s not a normal typical show. But if you give it a try you could probably be surprised by how interesting it actually is. The show has an amazing storyline and each player has a different story of why they ended up in the spot they are now.

I think a lot of people liked the show for different reasons. People like the mystery of the show because you don’t really understand what is going on and you have to wait to see plot twists and what’s going on. A lot of people would rather watch just the storyline of the show, the love, the families, the friendships and bonds that develop in the arena. 

The acting is pretty good but it definitely could use some tweaks, some of the emotional scenes could be a bit more or a bit less depending on what happened. But I think a lot of it has to do with the English voice overs. To understand what’s going on most people watch the show in English, but if you want a full feeling of the show try watching it in Korean with the subtitles to have a great effect. The acting, the emotions, the whole feeling of the show takes a toll on you while watching it in Korean. Yes, watching it in English still has similar effects but in Korean it will take you to another world.

The graphics were amazing. Each setting has a different look and effect. The settings match the plot of each show and storyline. The playground is very colorful. The Island is very mysterious. The Red light, Green light arenas are very open. The settings match each plot so well. 

Overall this television series is amazing and I recommend to take time and watch it. This would be enjoyable to watch if people are looking for something new and fresh.